National Agricultural Genotyping Center


The Executive Team is providing leadership to the NAGC to ensure the direction and success of the NAGC.   Each member bring a unique perspective that provides greater value to the NAGC.   The Executive team includes:

President & CEO              Pete Snyder

Secretary                         Rick Vierling

Treasurer                         Tom Mueller

 Executive Team Bio's 

NAGC Board

Chairman of the Board       Bob Bowman

Board Member                  Dane Braun

Board Member                  Chuck DeGrote

Board Member                  Paul Herringshaw

Board Member                  Larry Hoffman

Board Member                  Clark Price

Board Member                  Bob Timmons

Board Member                  Murray Wolinsky

Board Member                  Josh Yoder

 Board of Director's Bio's 

Education Committee Members

Bob Bowman

Larry Hoffman

Tom Mueller

Pete Snyder

Rick Vierling

Murray Wolinsky

 ECM Member Bio's 


Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Bob Bowman              Chairman of the Board                               NCGA Board

Tom Mueller                Treasurer                                                 Illinios Corn

Pete Snyder                President & CEO                                      NAGC Staff

Dr, Rick Vierling          Secretary/Ex Oficio, Non Voting                 NCGA Staff

Larry Hoffman              Board & Executive Committee Member      North Dakota Corn

Dr. Murray Wolinsky    Board & Executive Committee Member      LANL

 Executive Committee Member Bio's 

Finance Committee

Dennis Maple               Committee Chair              Indiana Corn

Chuck DeGrote                                                  Minnesota Corn

Tom Mueller                                                       Illinios Corn

Pete Snyder                                                       NAGC Staff

Paul Herringshaw                                                Ohio Small Grains

 Finance Committee Member Bio's 

Ad Hoc Committees

Education Committee

Paul Herringshaw         Committee Chair                      Ohio Small grains

Dr. Rick Vierling                                                         NCGA Staff

Dr. Murray Wolinsky                                                   LANL

Pete Snyder                                                               NAGC Staff

Dr. Matt Blair                                                              State University

Dr. Ann Blakey                                                           Ball State University

Dr. Paul Meints                                                          Minnesota Corn

Dr. Christine Purkiss                                                   Angelo State University

Josh Yoder                                                                 Ohio Corn Marketing

 Education Committee Member Bio's 

Marketing Committee

Clark Price                Committee Chair                          North Dakota Corn

Bob Timmons                                                              Kansas Corn

Pete Snyder                                                                NAGC Staff

Amie Gianino                                                              NCGA Staff Lab Manager

 Marketing Committee Member Bio's  

Technology Committee

Dr. rick Vierling           Committee Chair                        NCGA Staff

Dane Braun                                                                 ND Farmers Union

Dr. Murray Wolinsky                                                    LANL

Pete Snyder                                                                NAGC Staff

Dr. Dan Benson                                                           Minnesota Corn

Megan Palmer                                                             NAGC Staff Lab Manager

 Technology Committee Member Bio's 

Business Development Committee

Larry Hoffman             Committee Chair                        North Dakota Corn

Chuck DeGrote                                                           ND Farmers Union

Bob Bowman                                                              NCGA Staff

Dr, Rick Vierling                                                          NCGA Staff

Dane Braun                                                                ND Farmers Union

Pete Snyder                                                               NAGC Staff

Josh Yoder                                                                 Ohio Corn Marketing

 Business Development Committee Member Bio's                                                                


Our Staff are our life blood.  

 Meet Our Staff 


The National Agricultural Genotyping Center is supported through a public and private partnership of leading research and trade organizations including Los Alamos National Laboratory and National Corn Growers Association. The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) will provide the technological and informatics expertises to maintain technological advancements and ensure diverse genotyping needs are met. In order to maintain close ties to the agriculture sector, the NAGC has partnered with the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). NCGA represents 35,000 dues-paying corn farmers from 47 states and the interests of more than 300,000 growers who contribute through corn checkoff programs.


NAGC growers are providing the highest quality productsfor human consumption

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