Our Team

Megan O’Neil

Lab Manager

More than just a pretty face, Megan is the driving force behind the lab – mostly because she enjoys telling people what to do. Her inner nerd really shines through when she’s raising worms.

Lindsey Fransen

Lab Technician

AKA ‘The Lab Guru”, Lindsey knows all the ins and outs of the lab.  She attempts to hide lab supplies in places her coworkers will never find. It is her own personal game of hide-and-seek.  Most days you find her smashing bees and crushing seeds.

Zack Bateson

Research Scientist

Due to his love for free stuff, Zack is a walking billboard  for biotech companies that give out free t-shirts. You often find Zack sitting at his computer gazing at DNA sequences or aggressively writing grants. Favorite pastimes include hiking with his family  and driving down backroads yelling at herbicide resistant weeds. 

Missy Berry

Research Analyst

Since graduating from college, Missy has been meandering her way through life. She recently decided to start adulting. She joined the lab in 2021 and has been rocking out new assays ever since!

Kennedy Lund

Research Analyst

This fresh-faced newbie to the lab has the skills of a seasoned 60-year-old. She can often be found at the lab in the wee hours of the morning after making a full breakfast, doing a load of laundry, and logging some quilting time. 

Lucas Andes

Research Analyst

As the newest addition to the team, only time will tell what his lab superpower is. Rumor has it that he’s Mr. Chill and easy to get along with – a rare trait for an only child. When not working at the lab, you can usually find him hanging at the lake with his beloved dog, Piper.

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Our mission at the National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) is to translate scientific discoveries into solutions for production agriculture, food safety, functional foods, bioenergy and national security.  We never stop working, check out the progress we’ve made advancing science!